Let’s Grow together With Our Affiliate Program

Earn up to 25$ commission on every customer you refer to us

How does it work?

Step 1
Sign up and get your unique link and coupon codes

Step 2
Promote Magic Keys

Step 3
Get paid for every customer you refer

What do you get?

Coupon codes

Mulitple coupons with discounts up to 10%
5% – ~18 usd profit
10% – ~12 usd profit


A link that you can share directly
~25 usd profit


How can a user use my coupon code?
Coupon codes have to be used by buyers at checkout through the Redeem coupon section.

Can you share the link on social networks?
Sure, you can. But be aware that cookies live inside the browser only. That means that if a user opens the link on his smartphone and proceeds to purchase on his computer affiliation will not work. You should also know that Instagram sometimes blocks cookies through their in-app browser. Using coupon codes might be a solution as they guarantee that orders will be linked to your account in any case.

What if the website visitor doesn’t order immediately?
If she/he makes a purchase within the next 7 days from the same browser it will still be linked to your affiliates account. Sharing your coupon code is the safest way to promote the product and it’s 100% guaranteed the order will be linked to you.

Is there a minimum amount of earnings before I get paid?
Once you have more than 100$ in earnings your account will be marked as ‘Awaiting payout’ and we will transfer the amount to your PayPal.

How will I get paid?
We can only send payments to your PayPal account.

Is there any limitation to the amount of generated traffic?
No limits. But if you do not generate any traffic or orders for more than one month your account might get suspended.

Who manages the affiliation program and its business logic?
We use Affiliatly which is an independent third-party service.

How can I access my account?
You can access your Affiliatly personal area using your email and password
Login page: https://www.affiliatly.com/af-1031722/affiliate.panel