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Magic Keys

A tool for making trading more immediate and precise

Trusted by more than 15 000 customers
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All of us traders share common patterns we do on the market! Why not do them in a more fashionable and efficient way!

Keys description & Features
  • Open orders based on your risk parameters just with a key press, lot sizes are automatically calculated

  • Set automatic trade management with ease
    In less than 5 seconds you can set your break-even and partial take-out triggers
    We recently introduced multiple partial take profits

  • Close entire positions or partials, move stop-loss and take-profit prices to preset levels or just type the amount of pips

  • The trading limits panel aims to keep you away from overtrading by clearly showing you when your trading limitations for the day have been reached

  • Zooming in and out or moving across the chart timeframes faster than ever

  • Get statistics on your performance on individual instruments and get an insight on what you are risking before placing a trade

  • Works on Metatrader 4, Metatrader 5 and cTrader


Even if we all buy and sell asset classes, we do it in slightly different ways. That is why you can customize some of settings so that everything looks tailored for you and you get to accomplish repetitive tasks quicker and more efficiently

You'll like Magic Keys...

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Maximize profits

Take advantage of the compounding magic and grow exponentially your account


Use the functionalities to stay always on top of your emotions and improve performance


Focus on trading, not on clicking multiple buttons to accomplish basic tasks

* Works on Windows PC and MAC

Quick Installation

  • 1
    Get the app

    Download and install the Windows app that comes with your order

  • 2
    Link your Metatrader or cTrader terminal

    Add our software to the trading platform of your preference.

  • 3

    Add Magic Keys to your charts and set the customization parameters as you desire.

* On Mac OS if Windows is virtualized with Parallels Desktop or Virtual Box
* Windows 64 bits

See what others think about Magic Keys

"Since using the product my ability to give more attention to my trade entry/exit criteria has hugely increased. Main reason for this is the pre set customised risk per trade and ease of use. This added to the partial % take profit setting is an ideal set up. Complete game changer for me and it has shown in my results. Thanks Magic Keys. Perfect!"
- Monty (@trade_with_monty)

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