Pre-Order Magic Keys v2

Thank you for your continued support!
In just a few days, we  SOLD OUT  again

Why Pre-Orders?

On the first batch of Magic Keys v2 we had 85% of stock already allocated to preorders. The remainig 15% was gone in no time. We would love to be able to fulfill your orders in no time, and hopefully as we grow as a company our production capacity will increase too.

Many of you are asking us when will we restock and how to make sure to get one on the next batch.
Pre-Orders is the solution! Fill in your data and just like that, your Magic Keys is booked.

Attention! You will not be charged until the order will be ready to be shipped

Price   USD $165.00
USD $148.50

Current Lead Time: 23rd of July

Attention! Price is already discounted 10% during preorders and no other discounts can be applied

 DHL Worldwide shipping 


Compatible with cTrader and Metatrader 4/5

Cancel your preorder at any time by contacting

* Delays may occur because of the COVID-19 outbreak

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