With which trading platforms is the software compatible with?
Magic Keys is compatible with both MT4 and MT5 and cTrader.

Can it be used for trading indices, crypto or stocks?
Magic Keys can operate on all instruments tradable through Metatrader or cTrader.

How does it connect to the computer?
The physical version comes with a wireless USB receiver dongle. There is a cable too which is for charging purposes only.

The On Screen version is a digital version which runs as a regular app.

With which computer operating systems is the software compatible with?
MK physical or On Screen works on Windows 64-bit PC and Mac.
*On Mac OS if Windows is virtualized with Parallels Desktop or Virtual Box(free)
Does not work on ARM-based computers.

Does it work on a smartphone or tablet?
No, it only works with the computer version of Metatarder and cTrader.

How can I know when the battery is empty?
A red led will start flashing in the top left corner of the device.

How do I charge the device?
Use the charging cable that came in the box. A red led will stay solid on until the battery is fully charged. We do not suggest using fast charging adapters.

Does it work on a VPS?
The usb receiver needs to be connected to the computer where the trading platform runs. The MK software cannot receive signals over network. A Remote USB application might be needed to make it work.

How do I install the software?
Together with the Magic Keypad you will receive the instructions on where to download the software and the installation manual which will cover all setup steps.

Can I have multiple platforms open at the same time while using MK?
In any situation you cannot have Metatrader and cTrader open at the same time.
With the physical verision, you can have multiple MT instances and only the one in focus at that time will get the commands from the device.
With the On Screen all open instances will get the commands and that can lead to unplanned situations.

Does it act as a trade copier if I have multiple platforms open?
Copying trades on multiple platforms in not the purpose of Magic Keys. Trading copiers are the right tools to achieve that.

Does it work with any broker?
Yes, it does. We do not have any limitations on our side. You can use it with your preferred broker on both demo and live accounts. The only time it won’t work is when your broker does not allow automated trading on purpose.

Where do you ship from?
We ship from Canada

What are the requirements to use the software?
You need to have a Windows PC with the .NET Framework installed (version 4.0 or above).
Does not work on ARM-based computers.

Can it be used on multiple charts and symbols at the time?
Yes. Here is how: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RO4SzR9ay38

What if multiple trades are taken on the same symbol?

Is there a quick way to launch the EA on each chart? [MT]
Yes, there are multiple ways. You can just set up you charts once and then, when MT is restarted everything will load just the way you left it. Otherwise you can either create a chart template with the EA added to it, or bind it to a keyboard shortcut.

How do I change EA settings? [MT]
To quickly change EA settings you can press F7 while on the chart and the parameters box will show up. Otherwise you can right-click on the chart and follow the instructions.
Remember that you can also create chart templates with custom settings or save parameters sets (from parameters box) so that you can quickly launch you preferred settings combination.
Also remember that settings are independent for each chart.

How are lot sizes per order calculated?
You can activate the % risk lot size calculation. This means that for each position, when stop loss is reached, you will lose the defined % amount of your balance or equity total.
Otherwise you can manually define the fixed lot size you wish to open trades with.
Remember that both risk % and fixed lot size can be changed if necessary before opening a trade by pressing the INPUT RISK button.

What batteries are necessary for the Magic Keypad?
2 x AAA for model 1.
No batteries needed for model 2.

How can i have a clue with what is happening with the EA at each time? [MT]
If the Magic Keys software encounters any type of error it will be displayed it to you as an alert with sound. You can monitor the EA by looking at the Experts or Journal tab in you MT terminal window.

What do I have to set on MT to allow Magic Keys to work? [MT]
The EA will need to have live trading capability and be allowed to use DLLs. These two settings need to checked when you add the EA to the chart. By changing your MT options in Tools -> Options you will be able to have the settings already preset. Please see the installation manual for further informations on this topic.

How can I allow Live Trading and DLL imports? [MT]
This is described in the installation manual.

What is the Order Filling mode parameter? [MT5]
When you buy or sell an instrument, you transaction volume can be filled by the broker with slightly different logics. This parameters might differ for each broker and account type. In case you will experience an Invalid Fill error you will have to go ahead and change this parameter.

What if I have multiple charts open or multiple MT instances? [MT]
When a button of the Magic Keypad is pressed, the action is always sent only to the chart that you have selected on the MT instance that is focused.
Clicking on a chart will make it the target chart.

How does AUTO BE and PARTIAL TP work?
While SL and TP are sent to the broker and the broker handles their triggering, breakeven or partial take profit triggers are managed by the EA itself. In order for them to be triggered, you need to have the symbol chart open and your MT has to be correctly updating market data.

How do I connect a custom script to the fn keys?
This procedure is provided in the installation manual.

I thinks the stats are not complete, why is that? [MT]
That is because we can only use the data from the local history center. If you want to modify the amount of data present on your terminal select the History tab from your Terminal, right-click and modify the history period.

What is the Slippage parameter? [MT]
By the time an order that has been placed from a trading platform reaches the broker’s servers instrument price might have already changed. This parameter indicates the maximum amount price can be “slipped” before you order is considered invalid.


Why is my antivirus blocking the munch of the Magic Keys app?
Your antivirus might complain about the app because we are using low level OS API calls to read signals from the Magic Keypad. In case this happen you will have to add the app to the antivirus whitelist.

I notice that some times the first button I press does nothing?
This might happen the first time you launch the app or MT and it happens because we are using interprocess communication between the app and MT. If the connection is closed, a first button press is necessary to activate the communication channel.
Remember that a sound is played every time you press a keypad button.

Why when I type 0.5 in the input field but I get 5 as a result?
This depends on your Windows language and you keyboard locale. Try typing 0,5 (comma) and check if the you get the right result.

When I change symbol on a chart the previous partial take profit and breakeven triggers disappear?
Once these two triggers are set, you cannot change chart symbol or disable the EA otherwise they will not work anymore. The chart needs to stay open on that symbol.

Why nothing is happening when I press buttons? [MT]
First of all check if you have the Magic Keys app open in background and if you correctly configured the EA. Remember you should also have a chart selected (clicking on it triggers selection) so that the app knows where to send the keypad signal.
If nothings still happens, please check you firewall settings (we need interprocess communication); check your MT settings (DLL have to be allowed and live trading turned on); check the Experts and Journal tabs from the MT terminal window to see if there are any errors.
If it still does not work please contact us.

The EA is not able to open trades on a live market? [MT]
If the EA says it is unable to open a trade, then you have to check the Experts and Journal tabs from the MT terminal window to see what causes the error.

Why do I get an Invalid Fill error? [MT5]
If you get this error then you have to change the Order filling mode and Slippage parameters in the EA settings. Also see above question about filling mode and slippage.

Why contract/lot sizes are not correctly calculated for some instrument classes?
We have tested the software on Forex and Metals. We have generalised the logic so that it works with any instrument class but if any problem arises please contact us and we will provide a solution.

When I open trade from keypad i get a trade execution error? [MT]
If the EA says it is unable to open a trade, then you have to check the Experts and Journal tabs from the MT terminal window to see what causes the error.

For any other kind of issues or questions please contact us and we will provide a quick solution.