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Version 2.0.0

What’s new?

  • App to MT/cTrader communication. Using a more reliable method to send data between the Magic Keys app and the trading platform.
  • Trade update risk-reward. Each time you change the SL/TP for a trade, a quick alert will show the new risk to reward ratio for that trade.
  • Update notificaiton. When a new app version is released, you will be notified in the app.
  • Cancel pendings. An extra function for the FN buttons hase been added which allows pending orders cancellation.
  • Temporary risks panel. Quickly change risk parameters for that trade that you feel different.
  • Intro tutorial. A quick walkthough on MK to get started quicker.
  • New Metatrader user interface framework.
  • Partial TP improvements. Inlcuding precise price setting and stepper based fields. Editable price, pips and percentage to close.
  • High DPI monitors compatible.
  • Enter to confirm. Use the enter button to quickly activate triggers and be even faster in protecting your trades.
  • Multiple Take Profit default pips distance. Get multiple partial TPs to show immediately at the desired distance from entry. For example, first PTP at 10 pips, second at 15 and third at 30.
  • Lock price for cTrader.
  • Shortcuts to open On Screen. ctrl + O or cmd + O
  • Other minor improvements like new fonts, human readable error messagess, and more...

Version 1.8.6

What’s new?

  • Trading block alert. If your daily risk limits do not allow for other trades, an black screen alert will show on the chart.
  • Added Entry Line initial pips distance
  • Entry Line stays where it was beteen trades for quicker changes
  • Minor improvements
  • Extra functions added: close all profitable trades, close all losing trades, reverse positions
  • Fixed bug that was causing SL@entry to not work in some circumstances
  • Step price: define the minimum price step size to satisfy some broker requirements

Version 1.8.5

What’s new?

  • On-Screen resizing. We added the possibility to scale the On-Screen Device and to minimize to the tray.
  • On-Screen license now gets saved and activated automatically.
  • Minor improvements
  • Major bug fix causing some buttons not to be recognized

Version 1.7.5

What’s new?

  • Line thickness and font size. These are now customizable from the parameters.
  • FN button fix. The FN command was not working correctly on some Windows versions.
  • Override symbol properties. Sometimes the data that Metatrader know about a symbol might not be totally correct. In those situations, you can override some values such as the lot size step or the tick value.
  • Lock price by default. Lock price can now be activated by default, as soon as open calc is pressed.
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 1.7.4

What’s new?

  • Hide monetary values from SL/TP line label. If you wish dollar values to not be shown while taking a trade, just set the ‘Should show monetary values on calc lines?’ to false
  • Spread on triggers. Since now, triggers have been based on chart bid price only. This meant it did not take into consideration spread on sell trades. You can now choose if you wish to rely on visible chart price only or if you want spread to be taken into consideration.
  • SL at 1:1. Developed as an extra function, you can attach this feature to the FN buttons. When activted, SL will be moved in profit at 1:1 risk to reward. Be aware that is SL is already at break even or in profit this functionality loses it’s purpose.
  • Pip counter and calc lines multiplier. Both pip counter and pip values on calc lies are now influenced by the pips multiplier parameters. What’s it useful for? It allow you to multiply or divide pip values so that they show the way you want them to. For example, XAUUSD 100 “pips” can show as 10 pips by setting this parameter to 0.1
  • Pip counter now includes spread for all positions and shows the same values that would show in the Metatrader/cTrader terminal.
  • Multiple trades at once. You can now to decide to open multiple trades at once when OPEN TRADE or DOUBLE TRADE. You can also decide if risk should be split between multiple trades or not. By default, these parameters are set to 1, meaning one trade is opened on open trade and double trade.

Version 1.7.3

What’s new?

  • Triggers on pending orders. If you use pending orders, you can now plan and place your triggers before the pending order is activated.
  • Multiple RRs for TARGET @1:x. You can set different values for the TARGET @1:x button based on the active tool: calculator, partial tp, auto be, partial sl and open trade take profit.
  • Lock levels on market entries. Some traders wait until price is in the perfect spot before entering the trade. You can set TP and SL levels at a certain distance and lock them to actual price. More info below
  • SL in profit [v2 only]. Quickly move stop loss in profit based on a fixed pips distance or trail it to a previous high or low.

Multiple Risk to reward for TARGET @1:x

We added the following parameters to the list (F7 to quickly access them)

    When calculator is on screen and the TARGET @1:x button is pressed the TP line will move to the given RR based on where the SL line is. Using the CHANGE SYMB button you can get the opposite effect.
  • RR on AUTO BE
  • RR on trade take profit

Let’s say you want to open a trade, having the final TP at 1:3 RR, Auto breakeven at 1:1 and a Partial take profit at 1:2. This is now easily achievable using the TARGET @1:x button.

LOCK levels on market entries

To use this feature, set to true the parameter named Enable price locking feature

Pressing the LOCK PRICE button while the calculator is open will lock the TP and SL lines to market price, moving them up and down and keeping the same distance for both. While price is locked, you still get to use the TARGET @default, TARGET@1:x, INPUT PIPS and CHANGE SYMB but all these actions will be continuously adjusted to maket movement.