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Proceed by downloading the latests release of our software.


Metatrader installation

Troubleshooting note: If the app does not open, you might just need to install both vc_redist files from the Extra folder. Those are official Microsoft patch installers that will add the missing libraries.

On Screen Activation

The video above is needed for the On Screen installation

1 From the top menu On-Screen on the Magic Keys app, click Manage license

    2 Use the code you received via email to activate your license

      3 Click on the Open option from the On-Screen menu

      Remember to Link MT before using the On-Screen feature as shown in the previous video

      Usage tutorial

      cTrader installation

      Mac native installation

      Parallels Desktop tutorial

      Virtual Box tutorial

      Hints on updating

      Updating the software will give you access to the latest software release and get access to latest features.

      Download the latest Mac or Windows app and install it. The previous installation wil be overwritten.

      On Metatrader, link MT again to update the expert advisor
      On cTrader, double click on both the cTrader indicator and bot files