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Lot Size Calculator with a Magic touch

❤️ A tool for making trading more immediate and precise

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Successful traders always manage risk
All of us traders share common patterns on the market! Why not do them in a more fashionable and efficient way!

Manage risk

Open orders based on your risk parameters just with a key press, lot sizes are automatically calculated

Automatic trade management

Set automatic trade management with ease. Set your break-even and multiple partial take-out triggers.

Easy trade exiting

Close entire positions or partials, move stop-loss and take-profit prices to preset levels or just type the amount of pips

Trading limits

The trading limits panel aims to keep you away from overtrading by clearly showing you when your trading limitations for the day have been reached


Get statistics on your performance on individual instruments and get an insight on what you are risking before placing a trade

A tool for making trading more immediate and precise

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Maximize profits
Take advantage of the compounding magic and grow exponentially your account

Stay always on top of your emotions and improve performance

Focus on trading, not on clicking here and ther

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Quick action buttons

Use quick actions buttons to manage your trades effectively. These buttons help you in different ways absed on what action you are taking.

Set and Open trade

Prepare your trade levels and enter the market immediately by getting risk calculated for you

Close trade

Scaling out is an effective way to lower the amount risked when the trade goes against you, and s simple way to secure profits on the way up

Moving around

Quickly move thorugh charts and timeframes


Set automatic triggers for you trade and enjoy hassle free trade management. Partial SL, Auto breakeven and multiple partial TPs.

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It just feels so good in your hands

Aluminium case, Backlit keys

Version 3 comes in a CNC machined aluminum case with perfect edges. Backlit keys will help with night time trading. The new chip opens doors for Mac compatibility and more stable connectivity.

Planning a trade

Plan your trades before executing. Lot sizes will be calulated according to risk parameters.
Hit Open Trade and that's it!

Automate things

Protect and get the most out of your trades by using triggers - actions that are performed when a specific price is hit.