Tips and Tricks

We will show you a few examples of quick action procedures that you can set and use

TARGET @ default, TARGET @ 1:x and INPUT PIPS – these keys act as target modifiers for the trade lines when preparing a trade, on Auto BreakEven or PartialTakeProfit when setting their respective triggers, or on open trades take profit levels

  • Example 1 You want to bring stop loss to entry price when your trade is in profit at 1:1 risk-reward: just press AUTO BE -> TARGET @ 1:x -> ENTER
  • Example 2 You want to set your take profit exactly at 20 pips from entry when planning a trade: just press OPEN CALC-> INPUT PIPS -> type pips amount -> ENTER

TARGET @ default moves the target to a certain amount of pips as specified in the EA settings.

Change risk for a trade – if you use fixed lot size or you have risk % calculation turned on but still want to have a different risk for the next trade, just press INPUT RISK and you will be able to input a new risk or a new lot size

Close a portion of a position – by using round percentages for the trade portion to close you can actually achieve almost every percentage. For example, by hitting CLOSE HALF twice you will be closing 75% of the position. But if you don’t want to stay there and figure out how many times to press, just set you percentage in the settings for the CLOSE CUSTOM button

Navigate through the chart – you can both zoom in and out of the chart with the specific buttons, or move candles timeframe up and down by pressing FN 3 and FN 4

Preset line positions – when using functionalities like Auto BE you can make the trigger line appear directly at a certain distance by specifying the amount of pips in the EA settings

Connect your own script – you have the possibility to connect your own scripts to the FN keys or ask us to develop one that fits your needs

Enter inputs straight from the keypad – if you are entering a numeric input after pressing INPUT RISK or INPUT PIPS, you can use the keypad it set to type numbers

Change symbol and keep all EA settings – you might want to have different settings for each symbol or chart, but if you do not need differentiation you can quickly change chart symbol by hitting CHART SYM -> input symbol ticker -> ENTER

Activate triggers with Enter – instead of click the chart button to toggle on a trigger, just press Enter on the keypad while you are setting the price

And much for you to discover…


  • Use F7 to immediately open the EA settings
  • You can connect a keyboard shortcut to the EA in MT to add it quickly to the chart if necessary
  • By setting you charts once, restarting the MT platform will bring you exactly to the point you left with EA running open and ready
  • If you need different combinations of parameters you can save parameters sets and then load them when needed
  • You can save chart templates with the EA on